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Wanting All - A Bermuda Nights Novella

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Amanda's world had been broken beyond all repair. Shattered remnants lay scattered all around her. A mere seven days earlier her life had been ordered and ordinary. Now it was twisted beyond all recognition. She only knew one thing.

That Evan would be there by her side, no matter what Hell on Earth they faced.

It would take far more than Sven, Jeff, and their legion of amoral bastards to take them out. Amanda and Evan had something that the others could never dream of - absolute dedication and passion for each other. No matter what it took, they would see it through.

And make it out alive.

* * *

Half of all proceeds of this novella benefit battered women's shelters.

The Soulless Abyss is the fourth and final novella in the Bermuda Nights series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this book is recommended for readers aged 17+. The first three novellas have cliff-hanger endings, which lead to the final novella with a happily-ever-after.

Ophelia adores Boston and has lived in the region for nearly all her adult life. She's worked in Cambridge, hanging out at the Irish pubs and watching sculling on the Charles. She was at the first Celtics game at the Fleet Center and has pub-hopped her way down Lansdowne Street behind Fenway Park. She's seen the Nutcracker at the Wang and savored Locke-Ober before they closed. Ophelia's been on the Boston to Bermuda cruise ship run three times and highly recommends the adventure! Most of all, Ophelia cherishes the spirit of Boston - a unique city unlike any other in the world.

Boston Strong.

Wanting And Intending 2016

RRP $546.99

This book aims to answer two simple questions: what is it to want and what is it to intend? Because of the breadth of contexts in which the relevant phenomena are implicated and the wealth of views that have attempted to account for them, providing the answers is not quite so simple. Doing so requires an examination not only of the relevant philosophical theories and our everyday practices, but also of the rich empirical material that has been provided by work in social and developmental psychology.

The investigation is carried out in two parts, dedicated to wanting and intending respectively. Wanting is analysed as optative attitudinising, a basic form of subjective standard-setting at the core of compound states such as 'longings', 'desires', 'projects' and 'whims'. The analysis is developed in the context of a discussion of Moore-paradoxicality and deepened through the examination of rival theories, which include functionalist and hedonistic conceptions as well as the guise-of-the-good view and the pure entailment approach, two views popular in moral psychology.

In the second part of the study, a disjunctive genetic theory of intending is developed, according to which intentions are optative attitudes on which, in one way or another, the mark of deliberation has been conferred. It is this which explains intention's subjection to the requirements of practical rationality. Moreover, unlike wanting, intending turns 

out to be dependent on normative features of our life form, in particular on practices of holding responsible.

The book will be of particular interest to philosophers and psychologists working on motivation, goals, desire, intention, deliberation, decision and practical rationality.

Wanting A Family

RRP $18.99

Picking up her entire life and moving to a new country was scary, but the unknown of what she would find in America was even more terrifying. Lin had heard of other girls who had agreed to similar arrangements that didn't end so well for them. She prayed that things would be different for her. If she hoped to help her family back home overcome poverty, she didn't have much choice. However, when she meets Jason her fears are quickly put to rest. Jason had a rough past that left him believing true love no longer existed. So when he agreed to an arrangement with Lin, he thought it would simply be a business deal. When she moves in he is confused to find feelings arising that he hadn't felt for a very long time. Will she be able to convince him that true love is alive and well?


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