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Economic Costs And Consequences Of A Terrorist Attack

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This landmark book covers a range of issues concerning the consequences of terrorist attacks. Beginning with a discussion of new policies and strategies, it then delves into specific areas of concern, modeling a range of possible scenarios and ways to mitigate or pre-empt damages. Top researchers from around the world discuss issues such as: airport security, urban terrorism, Coast Guard operations, and the need to balance freedoms with security. New policies for deterring terrorism are also proposed. Later chapters model the economic impacts of terrorist attacks on the food industry, major US ports, and US theme parks. The final chapters provide an in-depth look at the effects of interruptions to electricity supply and how to improve resiliency. Using specific locations and situations, the volume details in a concrete way the long and short-term economic effects of possible future attacks. The cutting-edge research and provocative conclusions make this a must-read for policymakers, public sector economists, urban planners, aviation officials, insurance industry analysts and those charged with disaster management.

In The Name Of Allah, I Became A Terrorist

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Coming Soon in Motion Picture. Kemala is a beautiful and innocent orphaned medical school student, who comes from the suburbs of West Java, and was raised in a mix of love and heartache by her mother's friend. Longing for God to fulfill the emptiness inside of her, she is introduced by Rafa, her best friend at school, to an organization who later leads them both into making an oath, solely and faithfully to the group. They are led to believe that the blood of people outside their group is halal and therefore, they are permitted to rob and harm these people accordingly. Kemala is soon entrapped in a situation leading her into a deadly web of terrorism, as she is brained-washed in a remote area. She begins to embrace the belief that all non-Muslim people are profaner (kafir), especially those who come from Western countries. She becomes so wrapped within the teachings she has been following, that she becomes militant willingly ready to give up her life for the cause of what she believed in. Prakasa, a special anti-terror agent, is a skeptical, cynical, and cold hearted man who never falls in love due to his childhood of hardship, that is until he must confront Kemala during an undercover mission, he starts to struggle with his own feelings, and finally has to make the ultimate decision, between life and death.

Squawk7500 Terrorist Hijacks Pacifica Flight 762

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About the Book
This fiction thriller is based on the real life experiences of a commercial pilot and gives you an exciting insider view of what it takes to fly a jet while managing crew, passengers and a terrorist!
Captain Mike Rendell started out his workday like all the workdays before just another normal day of flying. After spending a raucous night partying with his crew, he and his first officer were looking forward to a nice relaxing flight to the West Coast.
It all started Saturday 0645 Central Standard Time! Flaps 1, climb power, Mike repeated as he responded to the command of Gary Ellis, his new-hire First Officer. Mike positioned the flap lever from the 5" spot to the 1" spot and retarded the thrust levers to approximately eighty-eight percent of full power. This was the standard after take-off configuration and gave the aircraft its best rate of climb in relation to burning the least amount of fuel. Pacifica Airlines Flight 762 had just departed from Chicago s Midway Airport. On board the Boeing 737 were 137 passengers, three flight attendants, and two pilots.
However, it didn t take long for events to unfold that would thrust Captain Rendell and his crew into one of the most terror-filled days of their commercial airline careers. The lives of his flight attendants and his passengers hung in the balance as Mike battled the elements, a deranged passenger, and aircraft malfunctions as he attempted to bring his fully loaded jumbo jet in for a safe landing .
Captain Steve A. Reeves started flying airplanes from a dirt strip next to a cotton field in northeast Arkansas chasing rabbits down plowed rows. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, he served a tour in the U.S. Navy before moving into civilian life as a construction manager. But his love of flying called him back to the skies and to a career as a commercial pilot. Twenty-one years later, Steve has logged over 12,500 hours in civilian, military, and commercial aircraft. He is a captain for a major airline and resides in Texas with his wife, Stacy, and their two daughters.
Look for more books by Captain Steve A. Reeves coming soon."


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