The Unknown Terrorist

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God's Answer To 21st Century Terrorists

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Do we have terrorists today? Yes we do. Can we identify them? Yes we can. Are there political and religious terrorists today? Yes there are. Where can we find them today? Over the world, and in every nation. Do we have terrorists on the mission field? Yes we do. What are some of their actions so we may identify them? They burn churches and homes of Christians, they kill whole congregations, and they behead children going to and from school. They kill and imprison pastors and Christian leaders. What recourse do the Christians have? Until now they have been told to endure for God will avenge. But I say no, you have the power to stop this foolishness in its tracks. They can receive and believe the word, so that these terrorists become Christians just as Saul became Paul and the Syrian army became friendly with Israel. This is a "believing God thing." Not a man thing.

In some nations of the world like in central Asia there are over 4 billion lost souls. The percentage of evangelical Christians among all of them is less than 5%. Jesus as we all know is coming soon, how are we to reach these before he comes?

"God's Answer to 21st Century Terrorists" is a memorable account of a fresh historical perspective with unforgettable characters and with a touch of the supernatural. The apostle Paul was a First Century terrorist, killing and imprisoning Christians. The Lord Jesus Christ, Head of the Church, gave us an object lesson on how to win the terrorist. We need to use His plan today. Too many Christians are being slaughtered; their churches burned and whole congregations are threatened with violence.

Terrorist Threats In North Africa From A Nato Perspective

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The Antiterrorist

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Satellites are disappearing one by one. Not exploding, not dropping out of the sky, just disappearing.When the Hubble Space Telescope vanishes, Jake Corby is dispatched to figure out who or what is responsible. He's used to solving problems for the FBI, but hunting down missing satellites? That's a new one.The mysterious force next cripples the International Space Station and destroys the only spacecraft that could rescue the astronauts. The race is on to avert the final death blow to the ISS and execute a risky plan to get the astronauts back home. Before it's too late.Corby must struggle to track down and thwart the terrorists yet stay true to the promise he made to his wife: "I won't do anything heroic." In the heat of the moment, he finds that it's no easy matter to achieve both goals. Especially when the future of the United States space program is at risk.This short prequel to Contact Us is filled with the quirky surprises and humor that Al Macy's readers have come to expect. The Antiterrorist is a standalone book, with no cliffhanger or "to be continued" at the end. It may be read before or after other books in the series.-------------------


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Richard Flanagan Author Wanting Flanagan
Terrorist Borders Assassin Mind Terrorist

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Richard Flanagan Author Wanting Flanagan
Terrorist Borders Assassin Mind Terrorist

The Unknown Terrorist