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Citizenship And Immigration - Borders, Migration And Political Membership In A Global Age 2016

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This work offers a timely philosophical analysis of interrelated normative questions concerning immigration and citizenship in relation to the global context of multiple nation states. In it, philosophers and scholars from the social sciences address both fundamental questions in moral and political philosophy as well as specific issues concerning policy. Topics covered in this volume include: the concept and the role of citizenship, the equal rights and representation of citizens, general moral frameworks for addressing immigration issues, the duty to obey immigration law, the use of ethnic, cultural, or linguistic criteria for selective immigration, domestic violence as grounds for political asylum, and our duty to refugees in general.

f"; mso-fareast-font-family:SimSun;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast;mso-ansi-language: EN-US;mso-fareast-language:ZH-CN;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA">The urgency of the need to discuss these matters is clear. Several humanitarian crises involving human migration across national boundaries stemming from war, economic devastations, gang violence, and violence in ethnic or religious conflicts have unfolded. Political debates concerning immigration and immigrant communities are continuing in many countries, especially during election years. While there have always been migrating human beings, they raise distinctive issues in the modern era because of the political context under which the migrations take place, namely, that of a system of sovereign nation states with rights to control their borders and determine their memberships. This collection provides readers the opportunity to parse these complex issues with the help of diverse philosophical, moral, and political perspectives. 

A Vision Of Taxes Within And Outside European Borders

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In return for the outstanding service rendered over many years by Frans Vanistendael, forty-five of the worldand#8217;s notable taxation experts have prepared a festschrift in his honour. As scholar, teacher, advisor, and administrator, Professor Vanistendael (now emeritus) has played a role of great importance in the growth of our knowledge of taxation, and particularly in the development of EC taxation law.

Although discussion of the vital issues clustered around European taxation predominate in these thousand pages, many of the essays deal incisively with other areas of the field where Professor Vanistendael has left his mark, such as international tax systems, VAT theory, and cross-border tax arrangements. The authors include scholars, jurists, and leading taxation officials from a number of jurisdictions and international organisations, all of whom share gladly in this incomparable publishing venture. Their offering is a true tribute.

In building on the foundations laid by Professor Vanistendaeland#8217;s many insights, these essays manifest the breadth of his scholarship and the depth of his commitment to the advancement of his chosen field. The result is a book that not only offers a stimulating, in-depth and useful insight into the many complexities, intricacies, and critical issues of taxation in todayand#8217;s world, but also opens the way for further elaborations of Frans Vanistendaeland#8217;s signal achievements

Education Without Borders Diversity In A Cosmopolitan Society

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Cosmopolitanism, which involves openness to diversity and difference in the world, is more widely embedded in educational discourses about the contemporary state in today's society. In a sense it is a reorganisation of everyday social life as a result of the greater transnational mobility of people, which in turn has created a greater diversity in our society. It essentially revolves around care for other cultures, concern for the integrity of cultures in a diverse society and particularly in education it calls for self-reflection with respect to both our own cultural context and other cultural values. This book illustrates how education works without borders in a cosmopolitan society.


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