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Printers Without Borders

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This innovative study shows how printing and translation transformed English literary culture in the Renaissance. Focusing on the century after Caxton brought the press to England in 1476, Coldiron illustrates the foundational place of foreign, especially French language, materials. The book reveals unexpected foreign connections between works as different as Caxton's first printed translations, several editions of Book of the Courtier, sixteenth-century multilingual poetry, and a royal Armada broadside. Demonstrating a new way of writing literary history beyond source-influence models, the author treats the patterns and processes of translation and printing as co-transformations. This provocative book will interest scholars and advanced students of book history, translation studies, comparative literature and Renaissance literature.

A Vision Of Taxes Within And Outside European Borders

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In return for the outstanding service rendered over many years by Frans Vanistendael, forty-five of the worldand#8217;s notable taxation experts have prepared a festschrift in his honour. As scholar, teacher, advisor, and administrator, Professor Vanistendael (now emeritus) has played a role of great importance in the growth of our knowledge of taxation, and particularly in the development of EC taxation law.

Although discussion of the vital issues clustered around European taxation predominate in these thousand pages, many of the essays deal incisively with other areas of the field where Professor Vanistendael has left his mark, such as international tax systems, VAT theory, and cross-border tax arrangements. The authors include scholars, jurists, and leading taxation officials from a number of jurisdictions and international organisations, all of whom share gladly in this incomparable publishing venture. Their offering is a true tribute.

In building on the foundations laid by Professor Vanistendaeland#8217;s many insights, these essays manifest the breadth of his scholarship and the depth of his commitment to the advancement of his chosen field. The result is a book that not only offers a stimulating, in-depth and useful insight into the many complexities, intricacies, and critical issues of taxation in todayand#8217;s world, but also opens the way for further elaborations of Frans Vanistendaeland#8217;s signal achievements

Borders And Border Politics In A Globalizing World

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Borders represent an intriguing paradox as globalization continues to leap barriers at a vigorous pace, merging economies and cultures through world trade, economic integration, the mass media, the Internet, and increasingly mobile populations. At the same time, the political boundaries separating peoples remain pervasive and problematic. Borders and Border Politics in a Globalizing World offers a carefully selected group of readings to enhance student understanding of the complexities of border regions. The reader brings together key writings on the histories of borders, their social development, their politics, and the daily life that characterizes them. The authors place their analyses of these issues in an international context, stressing how borders influence, and how they are influenced by, global processes. The selections provide a window on our current understanding of human interactions at and along national and interethnic boundaries, interactions that will characterize borders and border politics for decades to come. Drawing on a worldwide set of case studies, this text divides border issues into seven thematic categories: borders as barriers; borders, migrants, and refugees; borders and partitioned groups; borders, perceptions and culture; borders and the environment; borders, goods, and services; and maritime and space borders. An excellent text for courses on boundaries, ethnicity, and international relations, this collection of cutting-edge information and analysis on borders and border politics in the context of ongoing globalization will shed light both upon international and subnational boundaries and upon the unfolding processes of globalization.


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Richard Flanagan Author Wanting Flanagan
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