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Education Without Borders Diversity In A Cosmopolitan Society

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Cosmopolitanism, which involves openness to diversity and difference in the world, is more widely embedded in educational discourses about the contemporary state in today's society. In a sense it is a reorganisation of everyday social life as a result of the greater transnational mobility of people, which in turn has created a greater diversity in our society. It essentially revolves around care for other cultures, concern for the integrity of cultures in a diverse society and particularly in education it calls for self-reflection with respect to both our own cultural context and other cultural values. This book illustrates how education works without borders in a cosmopolitan society.

A Historiographical Inquiry Into The Theoretical And Methodological Implications Of Borders In The Studies Of Great Epidemics

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This book analyses a variety of aspects within the scholarly history writing on the three big epidemics of modern times. Among them are: Their preferred units of space; political geographical, social or cultural; their preferred points of view and selection of sources; the most significant actors, structures, events and actions that are studied, discussed and presented; how the three different epidemics are interpreted as agents of change, subject to change or changing historical objects: how the scholars select and discuss what they perceive as important social and human values within their historical material and topic of study; their preferred forms of narrative and discourse, and the scholars' open or implicit message to their readers and research communities; What the experienced historians, of cholera, tuberculosis and Spanish flu respectively, explicitly state as important virtues in historical research and present as historical "lessons" to be learned from their studies; about history and about the historian's craft.

Barriers, Borders And Crossings In British Postcolonial Fiction

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"Dr Cecilia Acquarone's perceptive analysis of liminality in British postcolonial fiction from a gender perspective constitutes an innovative, thought-provoking and crystal-clear study of female 'versus' male responses to the challenges of postmodernity as exemplified by significant British postcolonial writers. The book can be justly praised for the lucid use of theoretical language and the exploration of modern and postmodern ideology in an unobstrusive form, pinpointing the most significant phenomena related to the topic in question. Dr Acquarone locates the relevance of barriers, borders and crossings with gender on the agenda within the realm of tragedy and comedy, providing a sensible and sensitive humanistic approach to the works of some of the most outstanding authors of British postcolonial fiction. In sum, Cecilia Acquarone's book is undoubtedly an invaluable contribution to the field of British postcolonial studies." -Dr Antonio Ballesteros-Gonzalez, Spanish Open University "Cecilia Acquarone's Barriers, Borders and Crossing in British Postcolonial Fiction: A Gender Perspective is a particularly interesting contribution to the field of postcolonial criticism due to its perceptive intertwining of a sound theoretical background and a sensitive close reading of representative novels by major writers of contemporary multicultural Britain...In a clear prose, she sheds light on highly complex philosophical and sociological issues, expounding on what the feminine and the masculine perspective can contribute to the hard task of peaceful coexistence in contemporary British multicultural society." -Angeles de la Concha, Catedratica de Filologia Inglesa, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia "Barriers, Borders and Crossing in British Postcolonial Fiction: A Gender Perspective provides an original attempt to map an increasingly visible body of writing in the UK in recent years. In her analysis of key novels by black and Asian British writers ...the author highlights an opposition between the predominantly tragic vision of life of the male authors and the fundamentally comic vision of life found in the women writers. ..The author offers a provocative reading of recent black and Asian British fiction as postmodernist works in which the writers respond differently to contemporary conditions. The volume is a significant contribution to the field of postcolonial studies and diaspora studies, and its use of the comedy-tragedy paradigm to understand recent fiction enriches more common approaches to the two major ways of experiencing and discussing diaspora." -Dr Sofia Munoz-Valdivieso, Associate Professor, University of Malaga


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