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Dangerous Thinking In The Age Of The New Authoritarianism

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Giroux probes the depth and range of forces pushing the United States into a new form of authoritarianism, one that connects the Orwellian surveillance state with the forms of ideological control made famous by Aldous Huxley. Addressing how neoliberalism, or the new market fundamentalism, is shaping a range of registers from language and memory to youth and higher education, Giroux explores how education in a variety of spheres is transformed into a type of miseducation perpetuated through what he calls a "disimagination machine"-one that reproduces the present by either distorting or erasing the past. But Giroux is not content to focus on how matters of politics, subjectivity, power, and desire are colonized through forms of miseducation; he is also concerned with the educative nature of politics as the practice of freedom and how the emphasis on critique must be matched by a politics and discourse of resistance, hope, and possibility. This becomes particularly evident in his chapters on Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. Thinking Dangerously makes clear that at the heart of the struggle for a radical democracy is the reviving of the radical imagination as the basis for new forms of political and collective struggle. Probing these issues through a series of interrelated essays and important interviews, Giroux provides an accessible, layered, and sustained example of how thinking dangerously is central to and connected with the struggle over the radical imagination and the fight to fulfill the promise of a radical democracy.

The Assumed Authorial Unity Of Luke And Acts

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For nearly nineteen hundred years, few have questioned the single authorship of Luke and Acts. A careful reassessment of the internal and external evidence, however, reveals this assumption to be built on a shakier foundation than was previously thought. Patricia Walters"s innovative study offers a newly designed statistical analysis of Luke and Acts, pointing to the existence of highly significant differences in their prose style. In particular, a comprehensive survey and re-examination of the two books" least contested authorial stratum - their seams and summaries - brings to light ancient prose compositional patterns that distinguish Luke and Acts beyond a reasonable doubt. Walters"s application of statistical analysis is unique in biblical scholarship, and will provide impetus for using similar methods in other areas of the field. This book will therefore be of great interest to academic researchers and students of early Christianity, classical literature and rhetoric, and New Testament studies.

A Refutation Of The Claims Of Sunday-keeping To Divine Authority

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John Nevins Andrews (1829-1883) was a Seventh-day Adventist minister, missionary, writer, editor, and scholar. Born in Poland, Maine in 1829, Andrews began to observe the seventh-day Sabbath in 1845. Ordained as a minister in 1853, Andrews played a pivotal role in the establishment of Adventist theology. Andrews wrote a number of scholarly religious books, his most famous being "The History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week." During his long and illustrious career, he also served as the Adventist representative in Washington to secure recognition for the church as noncombatants, served as the third president of the General Conference, and also as editor of the Review and Herald magazine. After his wife (Angeline) died from a stroke, Andrews was sent as a missionary to Europe where he helped start a publishing house in Switzerland and also a French periodical. Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan was named after him in 1960, as well as a school in Takoma Park, Maryland. Though many years have passed since John Andrews death, his scholarly legacy lives on in the numerous books he wrote, and the educational institutions that bear his name.


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