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Co-Author: A Paranormal Thriller Romance writer Chelsie Crammer wants what any writer wants - to pen the next great novel. But when a character she creates leaps right out of her mind and into her heart (and bed), she realizes falling in love wasn't part of the plan. Read Co-Author if you... have a craving for paranormal, thriller and suspense stories (with a touch of romance) can't resist a story with multiple plot twists love vivid and engaging characters want a story you could read over and over again Co-Author storyline She desperately wants her tenth novel to be different. Chelsie Crammer - talented, passionate and beautiful - hates being labeled a regional author of romantic fiction in the Pacific Northwest. She is ready to give up urban comforts and get a feel of the American countryside so that she might infuse fresh vigor in her work. Chelsie and Brian hope the self-imposed exile will help her write the masterpiece she's yearned for. A city-loving socialite, the desolation is a bit unnerving for her, though Brian quickly acclimates and gets a teaching job at a nearby school. The words aren't flowing like Chelsie had hoped and she's beginning to get stir crazy. She explores the attic one day in boredom and comes across a trunk belonging to the former male occupant. After the discovery, bizarre events transpire. New chapters are appearing in her manuscript. She suspects they're written by her male character. To get closer to him, Chelsie names her female character after herself and feels they're one and the same. It isn't long before Chelsie falls in love with her co-author. Brian is beside himself with worry, but Chelsie's obsessive behavior triggers a series of events that jeopardizes everything she and Brian have worked for. She's desperate for her co-author to write the love scene in the final chapter. By the time he does, it may be too late for all of them. Torn between fact and fantasy and lost in the shadowy labyrinth of true love and erotic passion, Co-Author creates a unique genre for itself - a paranormal thriller (with a touch of romance) that explores the secret lust and longing which each of us conceal deep within. Prepare yourself for a heart pounding paranormal thriller and immerse yourself in this wondrous tale of fiction's rendezvous with reality. Pull up a chair, sit down, relax, and journey into the paranormal! Get your copy today!"

Cooperative Computer-aided Authoring And Learning

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Cooperative Computer-Aided Authoring and Learning: A Systems Approach describes in detail a practical system for computer assisted authoring and learning. Drawing from the experiences gained during the Nestor project, jointly run between the Universities of Karlsruhe, Kaiserslautern and Freiburg and the Digital Equipment Corp. Center for Research and Advanced Development, the book presents a concrete example of new concepts in the domain of computer-aided authoring and learning.
The conceptual foundation is laid by a reference architecture for an integrated environment for authoring and learning. This overall architecture represents the nucleus, shell and common denominator for the R&D activities carried out. From its conception, the reference architecture was centered around three major issues:

  • Cooperation among and between authors and learners in an open, multimedia and distributed system as the most important attribute;
  • Authoring/learning as the central topic;
  • Laboratory as the term which evoked the most suitable association with the envisioned authoring/learning environment.
Within this framework, the book covers four major topics which denote the most important technical domains, namely:
  • The system kernel, based on object orientation and hypermedia;
  • Distributed multimedia support;
  • Cooperation support, and
  • Reusable instructional design support.
Cooperative Computer-Aided Authoring and Learning: A Systems Approach is a major contribution to the emerging field of collaborative computing and is essential reading for researchers and practitioners alike. Its pedagogic flavor also makes it suitable for use as a text for a course on the subject.

Contemporary Authors

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Find biographical information on more than 130,000 modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists and scriptwriters. Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, biographical and cr


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