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Assassin... A Janice Willow Novel

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Willow is sent to the Swiss Alps to rescue a fellow agent, but first she has to fill a contract in Korea and Texas.

The Assassination Of Symon Petliura And The Trial Of Sholem Schwarzbard 1926-1927

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English summary: In May 1926, in Paris, a Jewish emigre watchmaker from Ukraine named Scholem Schwarzbard shot and killed the former president of the Ukrainian National Republic, Symon Petliura. Seventeen months later Schwarzbard was exonerated by a Paris court, even though he confessed to the crime and pleaded no mitigating circumstances. The assassination and trial, in which the murders of many thousands of Jews in Ukraine in 1919 became a central issue, riveted public attention in France and around the world and sent the relations between Jews and Ukrainians, Europe's two largest stateless national minorities, into highly fraught new directions. The volume presents newly-discovered archival documents in eight languages, along with articles from the contemporary French, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and American presses, in order to illuminate this episode from multiple points of view. An extensive introduction and copious explanatory notes place a complicated and multifaceted story in historical perspective, helping readers understand why the events unfolded as they did and what they meant to the different groups that had a vital stake in them. German description: Im Mai 1926 erschoss in Paris ein judischer Emigrant aus der Ukraine, der Uhrmacher Scholem Schwarzbard, den ehemaligen Prasidenten der Ukrainischen Nationalrepublik, Symon Petljura. Siebzehn Monate spater wurde Schwarzbard von einem Pariser Gericht freigesprochen, obwohl er die Tat gestanden und nicht auf mildernde Umstande pladiert hatte. Das Attentat und der Prozess, in dem die tausendfachen Morde an den Juden der Ukraine im Jahr 1919 zur Sprache kamen, erregten offentliche Aufmerksamkeit in Frankreich und der gesamten Welt. Sie schlugen sich wesentlich auf die Beziehungen zwischen Juden und Ukrainern, den zwei grossten staatenlosen nationalen Minderheiten Europas, nieder. Der Band vereint neu entdeckte Archivalien in acht Sprachen sowie journalistische Beitrage aus franzosischen, deutschen, ukrainischen, russischen, hebraischen, jiddischen und amerikanischen Zeitungen und Zeitschriften. Damit wird diese historische Episode aus zahlreichen Perspektiven beleuchtet. Eine ausfuhrliche Einleitung und ein umfassender Anmerkungsapparat setzen diese komplizierte und vielschichtige Geschichte in ihren historischen Kontext und helfen Lesern den Ablauf der Geschehnisse und deren Bedeutung fur die unterschiedlichen Gruppen zu verstehen, die wesentlichen Anteil an ihnen hatten.

The Emperor's Assassin

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For twenty years, England and France have been at war. Now the war has come home

On a sunny July day in 1815, Plymouth Sound is crowded with boats vying for a view of England's great battleship HMS Bellerophon. For aboard the vessel is the stout little Frenchman who threw the world into chaos. In London, some people clamor for Napoleon's execution, others for his exile, and still others for a civil trial on English soil. For one humble London detective, the debate has turned deadly. Bow Street Runner Henry Morton has a murder to solve--and Napoleon himself is at the heart of the matter.

The victim is a Frenchwoman, the mistress of a count. Soon Morton is racing through a demimonde of French expatriates, Bonapartists, fanatical Royalists, and one very dangerous, drunken petty crook. From an exotic London brothel to a scene of carnage on a Dartmoor farm, the detective enters a covert war over Napoleon's fate. And amid the betrayal, deception, and murder, Morton will face a waterloo of his own.


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Richard Flanagan Author Wanting Flanagan
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Richard Flanagan Author Wanting Flanagan
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